Human Capital Consulting

Career Capital Organisational Psychologists Consultants

We design the following frameworks to advance the competitive positioning of an organization, by transforming its capacity to initiate and sustain organisational change, in support of its strategic objectives:


Leadership competency frameworks

We often work with organisations to develop their own competency framework because of the advantages of immediate organizational relevance and buy-in (although we have tailored off-the-shelf frameworks from time-to-time). A series of well designed focus groups is the key to completing this type of initiative successfully.


Talent management frameworks

We believe that talent management needs to be owned by the whole organization, so we find that it is best driven by a steering team with a clear vision, and a program plan to roll-out key initiatives in 90 day cycles. The steering team is usually made-up of HR representatives and other key business stakeholders, together with Career Capital.


Performance coaching frameworks

We design a simple system for regular, one-on-one, performance coaching discussions, which links with existing performance management systems, to encourage individuals to use action plans for setting and achieving key milestones in 90 day, action plan cycles. We also have experience in running Manager as Coach training programs, as we recognize that this is a key to success in implementing a performance coaching system.