for Selection - we are best known for our involvement in the selection of middle to senior managers, often in more complex selection processes (eg, involving a mix of internal and external candidates)


for Development - to provide career and leadership insights, crystallize the development needs of leaders, and work with leaders to build action-oriented development plans.


for Talent Management - to identify future leaders and map the leadership capabilities and risks within a business.



Classification of Assessment Processes by Organisational Level:

Level Description Components Key Features & Benefits
Team Leader / Professional Fitness Comprehensive Psychometrics and
1 hour Interview
  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid feedback turnaround
  • Hire / not hire decisions simpler and more accurate
Manager / Senior Professional Fitness & Fit Comprehensive Psychometrics and
2 hour interview
  • In-depth interview with a highly experienced psychologist increases the likelihood of accurate hiring decisions
  • Concise, practical report + assessment against an integrated personality framework
Mid-level Manager

Fitness, Fit & Manager

As above + Business Thinking assessment
  • As above, plus assessment of business awareness, so hiring organisation can take action on management knowledge shortfalls
Senior Manager

As above +
Leadership Capability

Psychometrics, Business Thinking and In-depth Leadership Interview
  • Substantially increases the prediction of current capabilities and future leadership potential. The hiring organisation gains a deeper awareness of the prospective leader, making hiring risks more tangible
Senior Executive

As above + Strategic Capability

As above + Work-based Simulations
  • Additional work-based simulations measure applied strategic thinking & coaching capabilities, which enhances prediction of how candidates’ capabilities are likely to play out in senior executive roles