CEO and MD


"We have been using Career Capital for over ten years, and value deeply their experience and guidance. We use the expertise supplied by Career Capital in several areas, including profiling of our leadership team and building development plans for our executive team; supporting our main Board . We also work with Career Capital more widely in the business for psychometric testing for incoming staff, to understand their fit with the Blackmores culture; and for existing staff to support their development plans which ensure they are progressing well in their current roles and also to test their fit for next steps in Blackmores.

In my opinion Kevin and his team are highly experienced professionals who have added significant value to the development of our business. Kevin and his team have understood clearly the needs of our business, which has helped me make better and informed decisions. As a team they are able to understand and assess people’s motivations and drivers. Kevin is particularly able in conveying the appropriate messages to management and assisting during critical times in the business."

Sugar Australia Testimonial - Career CapitalTIM HART

Currently, MD & CEO Ridley

Formerly, CEO Sugar Australia

"Career Capital has been a partner of Ridley’s since 2014 and has conducted leadership assessments for all middle manager to senior executive roles in our business.  Prior to that, Career Capital was also a partner of Sugar Australia (now Wilmar Sugar) during my 10 years as CEO. In that time, they worked across the total business from the senior Executive team through to our operations staff in the Refineries. They provided a wide range of services from Team Building, Pre Employment Occupational Psychological Assessments, Development Planning, Coaching, and the Development of our Performance Management System.”

What sets Kevin Belzycki and the team at Career Capital apart from other professionals in this field is that don't just provide a service, they work with us to identify and articulate the business challenge we are try to solve, and then tailor the process to maximize the outcome for Sugar Australia. I am delighted to recommend Kevin and Career Capital to any prospective clients."


Currently, Mayor Scenic Rim

Formerly, EGM Business Services, Wilmar Sugar

"Kevin and the Career Capital team have been proactive partners with Sucrogen in developing strong management and leadership foundations, for some parts of the business since early 2000’s. Their ability to apply strong Organisation Psychology models and theories to deliver practical solutions from Selection to Professional and Team Development has been exceptional.

I think the key to the success of this partnership is their willingness to invest deeply in understanding the business, organisation and operational contexts to tailor solutions rather than just “reach for the shelf. They have earned their role as a trusted adviser."


Currently, NED River Sands and Tassal Group

Formerly, CEO and MD, Cement Australia

"We have worked with Career Capital since 2005, mainly in executive selection and development, and improving team dynamics. I found Kevin and his team very easy to work with, as they had a clear understanding of our business and its management requirements. At the same time, they took a pragmatic and professional approach to working through complex issues.

This lead to a seamless integration of Kevin and his team into our organisation, and for executive selection in particular, ensured that we made robust decisions with the best available information at our disposal. I have been delighted with their contribution to the business."